GPON Introduction


Gigabit passive optical network is a running technology in Pakistan.Its implementation is in process and it will fulfill our high data rate requirement.In this video i am giving you a basic concept about GPON network.we will discuss the following terms

  • GPON =¬†Gigabit passive optical network
  • OLT = Optical line terminal
  • ONU/OLT = optical network unit/optical line terminal
  • PON = passive optical network
  • Tripple play


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18 Responses to "GPON Introduction"

  1. Dear Sir,

    Please send or upload more valuable video (in Hindi) regarding GPON/ FTTH.

    If available Hindi Language PDF send me please at me respective email.

  2. Superb communication we need such hindi / urdu explanations. Thanks a lot for making this complex information look so simple. Cable Operators like us who face lots of competition in India at the moment will learn something like this to survive in the business. Waiting for your update on 10 gig OLT. It would also be better if which one we should purchase please make this simple too. Thanks again Bro.

  3. Hi Sir,

    I really appreciate this video,how can i pursue this course online and to get certified ,please send me all details inbox,


  4. Thank you Sir Salman for this video. You are doing a nice job. Please upload more videos such as cloud computing, internet of things IoT, smart technologies, FTTH etc. thanks


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